Books I Wanna Re-Read

A list of books to reread


This month has been my least creative; I can’t for the life of me summon up enough brain power to come up with something remotely interesting. But, yesterday I made a list of books I wanna re-read and that’s what this post is about.

  • Full Disclosure – Camryn Garret

I’m gonna be honest and confess that I never finished this book the first time I read it, but that has nothing to do with it being bad or anything, and more to do with my fear to face reality. From the pages I did read, there was this one scene where the main character was talking to her dad and her said to her, “it would be so much better to fail at something I love than something that already makes me feel miserable.” That has been my motto since then, because it makes so much sense to me now…

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