Hope Is A Dangerous Thing In Africa: Black Lives Matter

There’s a lot to say about the current state of the world. Most of which is determined by what’s going on in the United States of America at the moment. The Black Lives Matter movement is immensely important, I can not stress this enough as a Black person myself. I am a Black person who lives in an African country but I stand with Black lives everywhere around the world.

Living in an African country with majority of Black people in power is not as bad as being a Black person in America but sometimes, it’s no better. We fight the same fight. We fight against oppression of the minority. We fight against our own selves who have imprisoned us in a world that is not favourable to Black people even when Black people are in power.

Black lives suffer every where. Don’t let anyone sell you the dream of the “Motherland”, of an Africa where Black people are safe because we are safe nowehere until all of us are safe and free. I am a Black person living in an African country that does not care for African people that hold a different citizenship.

I left home at 14 years old. My parents running away from a corrupt government that used and abused its’ people to a government that promised a better future for their children but that future looks bleak amidst a nation that has turned xenophobic.

There’s no way back and the way forward is difficult but most of us, foregin Africans living in Africa (believe me, I know how that sounds) there’s no other way than forward.

So on we go. Until we reach a better place.

Until then, Black Lives Matter, everywhere and anywhere. Regardless of where those Black lives are from, regardless of who mothered them, regardless of what godforsaken country they were born into: Black Lives Matter. I matter. My siblings matter. The people of my ancestors matter. We are deserving of a better life. We are deserving of peace. My people, my ancestors, didn’t fight for me to suffer like this. I matter.

Black Lives Matter.

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