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I was planning on posting a discussion post today but have been too nervous to write anything coherent. So I looked through my list of tags I still have to do and decided on the one Laura from The Book Corps tagged me in back in February. If you’re reading this I’m on my way to a job interview and probably having the worst anxiety of my life. Keep your fingers crossed for me 🤞





Favourite Genres(s):

Fantasy, Contemporary and Mystery.

Favourite Male Authour(s):

Simon James Green and John van de Ruit – I probably need to read more books by men.

Favourite Female Author(s):

Nicola Yoon, Elizabeth Acevedo, Angie Thomas, Traci Chee, Reni K Amayo and Ijeoma Umebinyuo

Forever Favourite(s):

What Was Your First Book of 2019?

Public Relations.jpg

How Did You Like It?

I loved it. Probably one of my favourite NA books. It’s written in the style of YA and is basically self-insert fanfiction but for some reason, it works. Chelsea said it better: Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) “This was the perfect dose of Harry Styles fic that I needed in my life and I’m obsessed. SO CUTE.”

I was going to review it but then a whole lot of biphobia came up with one of the authors so I’m just going to leave it alone.

What Was Your Last Book of 2018?

The Reader

How Did You Like It?

I loved it. Traci Chee’s Sea of Ink and Gold has become one of my favourite Fantasy series. It’s absolutely amazing and doesn’t get the love it deserves.

What Do You Look For In A Book/What Makes It Really Stand Out?

I couldn’t tell you…good and consistent writing I guess. In Fantasy if it has a quest and a trip I’ll probably sell my soul for it.

Do You Collect Any Particular Sets/Editions of Books?

No. I don’t get having multiple versions of the same book.

Do You Prefer Ebooks, Audiobooks, or Physical (Hardback or Paperback?)

Ebooks. I was against them at first but there’s nothing like reading a book underneath your covers at night without having to worry about exposing your fingers to the cold. Audiobooks are amazing too, at first I couldn’t concentrate but once I got into it, I have never been the same – too bad I can’t afford to read all books as audiobooks. Paperbacks are greater than hardbacks because they’re easy to read. You don’t have to fight to keep the page open with paperback. Unpopular opinion but hardbacks are for pretentious readers who only buy them for aesthetics. I know because I used to be one.

Do You Keep Books You Didn’t Like or Get Rid Of Them?

I try to, I mostly donate to the SVP charity my mother volunteers at when they’re having bric n bracs.

What Literary Character Best Defines You/Do You Best Relate To?

I haven’t found a literary character that best defines you, I’ve found traces of myself in some like the mc in  Sparrow’s teenagehood dealing with mental illness (Sparrow), Xiomara’s love for poetry (ThePoet X), Eliza’s relationship with her family and her shyness (Eliza and Her Monsters)

cherry blossom page break

I tag Sahi | Leelynn | Keeana | Leisha | Demetra | BW Reviews

4 thoughts on “The Book Interview Tag

  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for tagging me in this 🙂 I can’t wait to do this sometime soon 🙂 I try to spread out the tags every week but this will come out within the next month or so.

    I still have to read Traci Chee’s trilogy! I have all of them at my house just waiting for me to read them.

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