Finding Inspiration for Consistent Blogging

Happy 2019! Sibona umnyaka omutsha! 2019 is the year for keeping up with our posting schedules and being consistent. I’ve been blogging for more than a year now and there are days when I feel uninspired about what to blog about. I wrote this post to help new bloggers and old bloggers that might be losing their speed.

Write outside of your forte

Book blogging is usually book reviews but you don’t have to limit yourself to that. Write about other things that interest you; music, movies, makeup, bullet journaling. There’s a variety outside of book blogging.


Follow blogs outside your niche

As a book blogger, I love reading blog posts outside of the book blogging world. Some of my favourite blogs are about beauty, pop culture, bullet journaling, mental health and I’m constantly inspired by their content.pots-716579_640

Schedule posts ahead of time

Scheduling posts is super helpful in keeping up with your posting schedule. When you aren’t inspired enough to create new posts so there’s already something to keep your schedule consistent. Clo wrote a post on why she schedules here.


Write down ideas as soon you get them

This has been said many times before but that’s because it’s helpful af. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had an idea in the dead of night or while traveling and didn’t stop to write it down because I thought I’d remember it only to completely forget it. You don’t have to carry around a notebook, you can use a notes app. My favourite is Keep because you can tag, colour code and set reminders for your notes.


Participate in tags and memes

There are a lot of tags and memes for those days when inspiration is hard to come by that can help with keeping to your blog schedule. Some of my favourite memes are Top Ten Tuesdays, T5W. Don’t be afraid to participate in tags that you weren’t tagged in.

Photo by Gades Photography on Unsplash

But it’s important to blog at your own pace. Don’t exhaust yourself.

butterfly_outlineWhat are some ways that help you blog consistently?

11 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration for Consistent Blogging

  1. Aaaaah this is such a useful post Sakhile! Honestly, the amount of times I’ve been about to fall asleep and BAM I get a blog post idea. I know I should get up and write it down, do I? Oh no, I roll over, snuggled further into my duvet and tell myself I’ll remember in the morning. I wake up and I don’t remember thus getting annoyed at my past self xD

    I think the main way I blog consistently is scheduling, planning ahead of time and trying not to leave everything till the last minute.

    Thanks so much for linking to my post too! ❤

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  2. This is such a great post Sakhile!! I definitely agree with scheduling posts — if I don’t have at least 5 posts scheduled I freak out (right now I have only 2 and I need to hurry up and write something).
    I don’t even know how I stay motivated — I try to come up with unique posts but right now I’m kind of at a stall and idk what to write 😅 I might take your advice and do a tag!!

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  3. Those are some great tips ! I love them! I would love to check a blog that has and give tips like the picture you share there! I also schedule them ahead of time and I trying to participate on memes and tags, but I will try to do that! just pick one I love ! or just come up with a new one haha

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  4. I love the suggestions in this post. I am just starting, so naturally I feel the inspiration will be endless. Lol. I’m sure this time next yeat I’ll be struggling to keep an audience. I wonder now what it means to post too much?! I don’t want to be annoying my subscribers with updates about things!
    Still working on the insecurities piece of being in the blogsphere but the warm reception from bloggers like you has helped!! I hope to read something with you so maybe I can actually discuss a book with you on a post rather than just like your review!!
    Happy Reading! And happy blogging. May you find infinite inspiration in your immediate surroundings. 🖤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 💛 Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful blogging experience and I wish you the best . I don’t think there’s anything as too much posting. This is the nicest comment I’ve ever received


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