Book Characters as Horror Movie Character Tropes

Today’s Blogoween prompt comes Sam at Fictionally Sam The actual prompt is The Sacrifice: Characters or Creatures Who Would Die First In A Horror Movie? but my brain veered a little of course and came up with book characters as horror movie character tropes.

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The Sceptic

This person doesn’t believe anything is wrong. They’re the human form of that dog sitting in a burning room meme. People are dropping dead left, right and centre but nope it’s not a serial killer, zombies aren’t real and ghosts obviously don’t exist. Star from The Sun Is Also A Star.

Survival Expert/s

These guys have it all figured out before it even happens. They have a fool proof plan that they’ve been working on for years and an underground bunker. They are ready for anything. Andrew and Renee from The Foxhole Court.

The Antagonist

Maybe they’re a vampire hell-bent on revenge or a ghost with a score to settle or an escaped convict serial killer. Whatever their reasons are, they are here to cause havoc and chaos and also murder some people. All the girls from Killing The Boy Band, eliminating all the girls that are supposedly standing in the way of their ship regardless of the fact that all band members publicly defused rumours of inter-band gay love affairs.

Cocky Jock

They are your typical jock: perfect teeth, handsome, captain of some sport and overconfident. They think they’re invincible and nothing can touch them, as a result, they’re amongst the first to die. Damen from Captive Prince.

First To Die

This is the person who trips over air and somehow manages to fall five times within four minutes. They are also the person who suggests that everyone should split up effectively breaking the first rule of How To Survive A Horror Movie. They’re usually black but for this prestigious position I will give it to Tori from Solitaire because I don’t like her and this seems like the type of thing her character would do.

The Weird Foreteller

The creepy old lady who speaks in riddles or the overly friendly neighbour who tells you about the rumours surrounding your newly bought haunted house. Our witchy gossip queen is Alice from The Hazel Wood, she has just the right amount of goth, magic and horror.

The Unexpected Hero Who Survives

This is the last person that anyone will consider the survivor but it’s usually clear from the first few minutes that they’re the main character so obviously they won’t die. They’re usually the nerdy boy next door type. Noah from Noah Can’t Even, his obliviousness and natural tendency to get out of sticky situations will guide him safely through an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse or a horrific house of murder.

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To go back to the original prompt: What fictional character or creature do you think would die first in a horror movie?





4 thoughts on “Book Characters as Horror Movie Character Tropes

  1. i remain unconvinced that harry would survive, if hogwarts was the site of a horror film. seems to me he’d be among the first to go, both he and ron. hermione, now, she seems like the type to make it.

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